Oral Session 7.1.A
Life Long Learning & Mobile Learning

June 7, 09:30 - 11:10

09:30Teaching hardware/software co-design of embedded systems – a case study
Nina Bencheva, Nikolay Kostadinov  
09:50The social model of the candidate for the study of the Electric Engineering as an inspiration for flexibility in planning of the study.
Joanna Kozieł, Andrzej Wac-Włodarczyk, Mariusz Śniadkowski  
10:10Collaborative Synchronous Online Teaching
Michael Brickmann, Sonja Gögele, Wolfgang Schabereiter  
10:30Using FPGAs in Lab Sessions
Helgi Thorbergsson, Karl S. Gudmundsson, Kristinn Andersen, Saemundur E. Thorsteinsson