Oral Session 7.1.B
Educational games and simulations

June 7, 09:30 - 11:10

09:30Blind’s Inclusion in Mobile Games
Paula Escudeiro, Pedro Oliveira, Nuno Escudeiro, Maciel Barbosa  
09:50Applying "The Active Project-Based Learning" for Electrical and Information Engineering Teaching
Sahbi Baccar, Sophie Houlier, Mourad Messaadia  
10:10Development of educational games using 3D models of historical locations, objects and artefacts
Georgi Hristov, Jordan Raychev, Diyana Kyuchukova, Plamen Zahariev  
10:30HOME I/O and FACTORY I/O - 2 Pieces of innovative PO simulation software for automation education
A. Philippot, B. Riera, M. Koza, R. Pichard, R. Saddem, F. Gellot, D. Annebicque, F. Emprin  
10:50Learning project management skills through game programming
Cléo Baras, Rémy Chollet, Jérôme Martin