Oral Session 9.1.A
Development of innovative materials in engineering education

June 9, 09:00 - 10:30

09:00Virtual Reality as support for Learning in Electrical Engineering
M. Travassos Valdez, C. Machado Ferreira, F. P. Maciel Barbosa  
09:15NEREUS: an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for skills development in the field of “next generation networked media over 4G+ infrastructures”
Evangelos Pallis, Carl J. Debono, Daniel Negru, Constantinos X. Mavromoustakis, Christos Politis, Dimitrios Tsaptsinos, George Mastorakis, Johann A. Briffa, George Papadourakis  
09:30Matlab Simulation of Transmission Lines with Skin Effect via Fractional Telegraph Equations and NILT
Lubomir Brancik, Aslihan Kartci, Nawfal Al-Zubaidi R-Smith  
09:45Functional Safety and Industrial Communication Associated for the Smart Factory
T.K. Tran, H. Yahoui, Y. Ould-boukhitine and N. Siauve  
10:00Logic discrimination with real time control on circuit breaker in smart grids
Cedric Boudinet, Eric Escande