Oral Session 9.1.B
Dissemination of European projects

June 9, 09:00 - 10:30

09:00The SALEIE Project – A successful International Collaborative Project and springboard for future projects
A. Ward, Helene Fremont, Marian Poboroniuc, Tatjana Welzer, Ian Grout, Dorian Cojocaru, Lenka Lhotska, Laura Grindei  
09:15European projects –as tools for increasing academic/students mobility and learning enhancement through innovative pedagogical approaches
Grindei Laura, Dobrota Virgil, Crisan Alina  
09:30Building a share understanding of the Joint MSc in Electrical Engineering in three Palestinian universities based on EU practices
Nina Bencheva, Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Plamen Zahariev  
09:45Preservation and popularisation of the ancient Roman cultural heritage using the modern information and communication technologies
Plamen Zahariev, Georgi Hristov, Nina Bencheva, Mihail Iliev, Yoana Ruseva  
10:00Dissemination and Exploitation of European Projects
BIpjeet Kaur, Jussi Nikander